Why Should Your Restaurant Switch To Palm Leaf Plates?

 In this crucial time of COVID-19 where we have finally received little ease with lockdowns, restaurants around have started being lively again. Though the risk is not yet gone. We still have to maintain social distancing and avoid contamination, and for all these things, restaurant  Palm Leaf Plates are one of the best options.


  restaurant palm leaf plates

A Beautiful presentation Of Restaurant Palm Leaf Plates


So Why Palm Leaf Plates And, Not Usual Cutlery?

Among the precautions taken against COVID, the most prominent of all is to avoid touching. This certainly is not always possible at places like Restaurants and Bars where people are meant to gather socially. But some safety measures can still help us to avoid the risk. Also when we talk about avoiding touching it is not always about the people but also about not touching the things that are related to them. 


 restaurant palm leaf plates

Square Size Restaurant Palm Leaf Platters for Starter 


In a place like Restaurant, the most related thing to your customers will be their cutleries. To avoid contamination and to create less contact relation between your workers and customers, you need to choose the right type of platter and that’s why you can always give a try to restaurant palm leaf plates


 restaurant palm leaf plates

Restaurant Palm Leaf Platter : Round Shape Bowl and Plate 


These plates are one of their kind. Known as Palm Leaf Plates, they are strong and classy. As these are available in different shapes and sizes they can be easily used as complete tableware. From big trays to small bowls to forks, spoons, and knives, they come in every form. By having these wholesale disposable wooden plates as your proper platter and plastic-free tableware you can easily eliminate the risk of contamination. 


 restaurant palm leaf plates

A Square Size Restaurant Palm Leaf Plate 


Note: You can check our products Palm Leaf Plates Square Dinner ALL SIZES Plates 4"-10" Inch to set the entire table and can go through its various uses on our blog named: “Palm Leaf Plates - A quick insight on its various sizes and their use”.


Palm Leaf Plates And Their Benefit 

Palm leaf plates are totally eco-friendly and sustainable. You can carry a large amount of food on them and it will not break or leak. Like other disposable bamboo plates, these plates too have their own natural aroma and woody texture. No chemicals or binders are used in their production (check out the blog on blog on how we make palm leaf plates). There won’t be any change of color or taste of your edibles while serving in these biodegradable disposable plates and also these plates are 100 % compostable. 


 restaurant palm leaf plates

Round Shape Restaurant Palm Leaf Tray of 12 Inch


These plates can be used as single-use disposable plates, making them perfect for COVID times. They are cheaper than plastic plates and you can easily place your order for palm leaf plates in bulk at KarmicSeed. The good thing to notice is that the transportation of these restaurant palm leaf plates makes the least carbon footprint as 80% of its transportation is done via cargo ships. 


Your Contribution By Using These Palm Leaf Plates

 restaurant palm leaf plates

Restaurant Palm Leaf Platter in Different Shape and Sizes 

According to a report published by the WorldWatch Institute, "Approximately 10-20 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans each year. A recent study conservatively estimated that 5.25 trillion plastic particles weighing a total of 268,940 tons are currently floating in the world's oceans". By using disposable palm leaf plates you will add your share for supporting local structures and making the earth a better place. 

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