Palm Leaf Plates - A quick insight on its various sizes and their use

“Sustainable change is a team effort.” and the Palm Leaf Plates we bring to you is a collaborative effort of our team Indian artisans. These plates have beautiful texture and are handmade. The fallen palm leafs are individually collected from the Areca Palm tree. They go under hydro pressure cleaning after that these are heat pressed by a mould and then trimmed on the edges. These are produced in various sizes and are also available in different shapes.


  • The 14 *10” Inch Palm Leaf Rectangle platter Tray: Our this platter/ tray is an ideal serving tray for big parties and can also be used in hotels. Though it can also be used for Charcuterie purposes but if you are having a get together with friends and want to throw a huge party with big fat burgers, extra cheese, bread, french fries and other mouth-watering fast foods, then this is your Tray.   


Palm Leaf Platter 14x10 inch charcuterie board disposable
Picture Credit: ice.cheeseboards


  • The 12” Inch Palm Leaf Platter (Round): This size of the platter is perfect for Charcuterie platter preparation and more. You can easily decorate the platter/tray with multiple food items such as meat, cheese, fruits, cookies etc. it has a huge room for a large amount of food and can be easily used to entertain a big group of guests. 


Palm leaf Platter 12 inch round for Charcuterie

Picture credit: aperitivoevents


  • The 15 * 10” Inch Palm Leaf Oval platter Tray: As Charcuterie Platter preparation now has become the most trendy thing over the countries. We offer not only plates but also different size and shape of  platters/Trays for your Charcuterie designing. So entertain your guests with cheese, meats, dry and seasonal fruits on this tray.  

Palm Leaf Oval Platter 15x10 inch charcuterie tray disposable

Picture Credit: boardnbrie


  •  The 10” Inch Palm Leaf Plate (Round/Square): So if you have guests for dinner and are thinking of serving the typical American dinner consisting of bread, salmon, baked beans, tater tots, fajitas, pizza or meatloafs etc. This is your go-to size. 


Palm Leaf plate square 10 inch
Picture Credit: rosemary.and.honey


  • The 9” Inch Palm Leaf Plate (Round/Square): This can be used for both dinner and lunch. You can easily serve burgers, hotdogs, jerky, classic barbecue ribs of beef or pork, the BLT sandwich or apple pie on it. 


Palm leaf Plate 9 inch square
Picture credit: Seize_the_Cheese


  • The 8” Inch Palm Leaf Plate (Round/Square): Whichever salad you like, take it to be Chinese Chicken Salad, Southern Potato Salad, Fruit Salad, Southern Pork Salad, Coleslaw, Salsa and the list goes on. Our size of the platter is perfect for it.  


Palm Leaf plate Round Deep Plate 8 Inch


  • The 7” Inch Palm Leaf Plate (Round/Square): To those of your dear ones who have sweet tooths and you want to serve them with delicious desserts. This is nearly the right size for your guest. Serve your cheesecake, various pies, ice cream and brownies in it. 


Areca palm leaf plate Round 7 Inch


  • The 6” Inch Palm Leaf Plate (Round/Square): This particular size of our cutlery is ideal for serving wedding cakes, pastries & ice-creams. So if there’s any anniversary celebration or your dear one's tying knot, get hold of some of these eco- friendly plates.


Palm Leaf Plate 6 inch square


  • The 6” Inch Palm Leaf Heart Plate: Presenting our most popular bowl. It is famous for its beautiful heart shape. You can use it for your energising morning breakfast. Serve your smoothie garnished with dry fruits, your sandwiches, birthday cakes and many more in it.


Heart Shape Palm leaf plate 6 Inch


  • The 5” Inch Palm Leaf Bowl: This is our soup and salad bowl. So if you love to have chicken noodle soup, tomato soup, potato soups, minestrone and clam chowder, or you want to have your salads take it to be cobb salad, conch salad, macaroni salad any salad you crave. this is our go-to bowl for you.


5” Inch Palm Leaf Bowl


  • The 4” Inch Palm Leaf Plate (Round/Square): It can be best used as a tasting plate, canapé plate, or as a cocktail plate. You can also serve the delicious finger foods in it. Both our 6” Inc and 4” Inc is very convenient sizes to serve children.


palm leaf plate Square 4 Inch


  • The 3.5” Inch Palm Leaf Bowl: It works as a good taster bowl. One can also use it as an appetizer bowl by serving various appetizers such as toasted ravioli, oysters Rockefeller, mozzarella sticks or deviled eggs. 


    palm leaf square bowl 3.5


    • The 11*7” Inch Palm Leaf Rectangle Tray: What comes to your mind when we talk about seafood, the shrimp, salmon, tuna, or Alaskan pollock. well in this tray you can serve all of these and more. 

    11X7” Inch Palm Leaf Rectangle Tray


    • The 9* 6” Inch Palm Leaf Rectangle Tray: This tray acts best as a small serving tray. You can use it to serve different varieties of tacos and sushi or If you are planning to have an intimate gathering with your close friends and family, or just want to spend some time with coffee, books and some snacks. This tray ours will serve you its best. 

     The 9.6”Inch Palm Leaf Rectangle Tray


    To buy any of the above products, you can visit our Shop  section.

    P.S. - We also take Palm leaf plates wholesale and custom orders. Feel free to email us on

    These products are disposable, microwave and freezer safe, are lightweight but are strong, have both hot and cold resistance, they are suitable for hard and liquid food, are very hygienic and odourless, and it also doesn’t change the taste of the food on the plate. It has no plastic or wax lining. Since it's 100% biodegradable it can be used as both cow fodder and to make compost. 

    So let us conserve earth to the next level through working on solutions to worldwide problems especially the problem of harmful use of plastic. Through our initiative, our main aim relies on empowering communities and leading with others toward a better planet.

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