Buy wholesale palm leaf plates and save!

Interested in wholesale for your business, restaurant, shop, etc.

At Karmic Seed, we specialize in wholesale orders which will help your business to be in direct connection with our factory. 

If you are planning to order 10,000 pieces or more, feel free to contact us at info@karmicseed.com we will respond in 1 business day. 

From our factory in India, our delivery time is 8 weeks to the US and Canada. We also have a warehouse in the US for non-customized orders with a delivery time of 1 week. You can place custom orders for palm leaf plates in bulk by letting us know your desired shapes and sizes. There are a few different custom plates which we already have. It may not be visible on the website but is in stock. 

These Palm Leaf Plates are handmade by our team of Indian artisans. The fallen palm leaves are individually collected from the Areca Palm tree, then they are put through hydro pressure cleaning, heat pressed by a mold, and then trimmed on the edges. No chemicals are used in the entire pressure nor any trees are harmed. 


Palm Leaf Plates In Bulk: Square Shaped 

  • Palm Leaf Plates Square Dinner ALL SIZES Plates 4"-10" Inch
  • Palm Leaf Square Plates 6" Inch 
  • Palm Leaf Plates Square 7" Inch 
  • Palm Leaf Plates Square 8" Inch 
  • Palm Leaf Plates Square 9" Inch 
  • Palm Leaf Plates Square 10" Inch


Palm Leaf Plates In Bulk: Round Shaped 

  • Palm Leaf Plates Round 7" Inch 
  • Palm Leaf Plates Round 8" Inch 
  • Palm Leaf Plates Round 10" Inch
  • Palm Leaf Plates Round 12" Inch


Palm Leaf Tray In Bulk 

  • Palm Leaf Rectangle Platter Tray 14" x 10" Inch
  • Palm Leaf Oval Platter Tray 15" x 10" Inch
  • Palm Leaf Rectangle Tray 9" x 6" Inch
  • Palm Leaf Rectangle Tray 11" x 7" Inch


Palm Leaf Drinking Straws In Bulk 

  • Eco-Friendly Natural Wheat Hay Drinking Straws (100 straws per packet)
  • Leafy Straw - Coconut Palm Leaf Drinking Straws (50 Straws per packet)
  •  Natural Wheat Drinking Straws (500 Straws per packet)


Palm Leaf Disposable Spoons Knives And Forks 

  • Wooden Disposable Forks ( 100 counts)
  • Wooden Coconut Spoon (Set of 4)
  • Wooden Birchwood Disposable Sustainable Spoons ( 100 counts)
  • Wooden Disposable Knives ( 100 counts)


Palm Leaf Disposable Choir, Soap, Brushes, and Scrub 
  • Coconut Coir Utensil and Dish Washing Pads/Scrubs (6 pack/12 pack)
  • Coconut Tawashi Fiber Brush Multipurpose Use - Pack of 4 brush
  • Probiotic Dish Washing Soap Bar
  • Dish Washing Solid Soap


Palm Leaf Bowls

  • Palm Leaf Square Bowl 3.5" Inch - 3oz Mini 
  • Palm Leaf Deep Square Bowls 5" Inch
  • Palm Leaf Round Bowl 3.5" Inch - 2.5 


Palm Leaf Partition Plate 

  • 10” 3 Partition Square Plate 200
  • 10” 3 Partition Round Plate 
  • 12 x 10” 5 Partition

    Coconut Bowls 

    • Coconut Bowl Set, Handmade (1 bowl, 1 spoon & 1 chopstick) 
    • Handmade Coconut Bowls (Set of 4)


    Custom Shaped Plates 

    • Heart Shape  Palm Leaf Plates - 6" Inch (Set of 50/100/200) 
    • Fish Shape Areca Disposable Palm Leaf Plates (Set of 10)

    Additional Features and Facts

    • Eco-friendly

    • 100% Compostable

    • Natural aroma and woody texture

    • No artificial glues or lacquers

    • Sustainable products for everyday living

    • Microwave-safe and safe for baking

    • Refrigerator safe and leak proof

    • Elegant Chic Tableware

    • No chemicals or binders used in the production

    • Do not bend or deform under heavyweight

    • All of our products are biodegradable

    • FDA and USDA certified biobased product

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