Our Story

 Karmic Seed (n.) /ˈkär-mik ˈsēd/

Definition: Actions which create impressions in our moment to moment lives.


karmic seed founders Neena and Arpan

Karmic Seed was founded based on this single question:

What are the most sustainable products that could replace plastic?

This one question would enable us to dig deeper and deeper into countless hours of research. It even took us to different countries, and finally brought us to India. A country known for its innovative spirit from ancient times. The ancestors of this holy land knew how to utilize limited resources. Fortunately, they didn’t have plastic, Styrofoam, etc.. Everything they made was from agricultural waste. From palm leaf plates, Coconut bowls, to clay-based kitchenware, and much more. Everything came from nature and ultimately went right back.

Through research, we discovered that agricultural by-products are abundant all over the world. Unfortunately, much of it is burned which has become a major contributing factor for air pollution in many countries. Agricultural by-products are the most Eco-friendly products in the world. We couldn’t understand why more and more people were not utilizing resources that were being discarded and burned.

That’s when we decided to launch Karmic Seed.

On our trip to India, we were able to meet so many wonderful craftsmen, artisans, non-government organizations, women self-help groups, and people that were as passionate about agricultural waste as we were. We have teamed up with these beautiful souls to bring to you some of the best alternatives to plastic products. 

All of our products are one hundred percent natural and made from agricultural by-products. When creating our products we will not add anything artificial to embellish the items, as nature has already created its masterpiece and our job is to assist in showcasing its beauty.

By purchasing a Karmic Seed product you are actively supporting ethical-trade, sustainable practices, and are becoming an active partner of our reforestation program. Stay tuned as we continue to forage for more products.

And as always thank you for shopping responsibly!!

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