Meet The Team Who Are Behind Our Every Crafted Palm Leaves

The very existence of mankind is to serve better. It's one of the most important aspects of Karmic Seed, and when we talk about better services, we could never miss the dedicated working hands of our team. They are the backbone of our project. They immensely contribute to producing palm leaf plates, which can be used in small parties, for restaurants, for catering, for cozy lunch and dinner, for private parties, and also for small get-togethers.   
 Karmic Seed Palm Leaf Plates
Our Team At Karmic Seed Doing Quality Check on Palm Leaf Plates
Located in the villages of Karnataka our factory is a small hub for Indian artisans among which 90% are women. Our team comprises 15 skilled working women from ages 30-50. They have been with us from the time we started our initiative to create sustainable products from palm leaves. After they are done with their household chores, these women belonging to rural India travel to the factory and contribute 8 hours to our project. They bring our Palm Leaf dinnerware to life.
Karmic Seed Palm Leaf Plate
Everything is handcrafted by these women and we don’t use any kind of chemicals while making the palm leaf platters. Through the help of our amazing team, we produce 20,000 palm leaf plates a day. With this fairly large production meter, we also maintain a healthy and cooperative work environment. As all our products are sustainable and eco-friendly, the waste material from the production is judiciously disposed of and decomposed.
Disposable Plates and Palm Leaf Plates
Taking COVID Precautions
While making these beautiful biodegradable disposable plates and platters COVID-19 precautions are also strictly followed by all our workers. Since all the different workstations of our factory have the proper distance between each other, social distancing is easy to follow. All our workers sanitize themselves and strictly wear gloves and masks during working hours. Weekends and Indian holidays are off for them. 
Women working on Palm Leaf Plates
The Team Of Dedicated & Skilled Women Workers 
The team of our amazing skilled workers, especially our working women contributor, has been a blessing to us. One of our goals at Karmic Seed is to build a small after school program for the children of our staff. As most of our staff are women. They sometimes can’t leave their children at home due to difficult family situations. Many of these families have migrated from northern parts of India; they don’t have families that they can rely on to help care for the children. 

Disposable Plates and Palm Leaf Plates the team of Karmic Seed

The Team From Different Work Station Of Our Factory 


Our goal in the next few years is to build a small safe space for them to play and learn. It also includes creating an organic farm on our property so that we can make nutritious meals together, and we are planning for operating a shuttle service to bring our staff safely from work to home. Teamwork has always remained the essence of our valuable products and together we aim to reach and connect more people.

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