Charcuterie On Palm Leaf Platters For A Friendly Get-together

Human existence has always a lot to do with companionship. Imagine how many of us are there who love meeting their near and dear ones, and also the ones who are in desperate need to catch up with their friends. So what happens when we come together?. There is comfort, laughter, happiness and food, and when we talk about food there are many among us who love to play the host.

Areca Palm Leaf plate and Charcuterie Board

It's time to play with your creativity

If hosting a party gives you pleasure and you love furnishing your guests with culinary skills. Then you can treat them with a surprise by preparing charcuterie boards. Charcuterie is basically a French word which means meat, and usually, meat is paired with cheese, so that's how we get the traditional term 'Charcuterie cheese board'. Though modern usage of the term: 'Charcuterie board' can be applied to just a platter of cured meat and cheese and other edible items that can be added according to the preference of its maker. Well, here you can add one more thing as a benefit to nature, by making your Charcuterie platter eco-friendly.


Vegetarian Charcuterie Board

Indian Inspired Vegetarian Charcuterie Board - Using Palm leaf plates(PC: Yayayumboards)


You can use our 'Palm Leaf Plates' which are super sustainable and are available in various sizes from '4-10' inch. These varieties in sizes will serve a great help in serving guests from different age groups as measures in consumption vary from children to elders to the older generation. You can also try our 'Palm Leaf '9x6' inch rectangular tray'. These trays are totally compostable, eco-friendly and have plenty of room for large amounts of food and are also available in "11x7"(inch) size. 

Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Board 

Beauty lies in the variety 

You see, even before the food gets consumed by us it tends to play the primary role of giving delight to our eyes. Keeping this in mind, one can ornate their Charcuterie pallet by giving preference to different textures shapes and colours. The first thing you can do is to visualise the layout of your presentation. Once it's done you can proceed according to the availability of the food items. Start from decorating it with salami and prosciutto or whatever meat is available, then while adding different cheese, try to cut them in different shapes and sizes.


Palm Leaf Plate being used to make Charcuterie board(PC:Yayayumboards)

You can also add small bowls on your pallet and fill it with seasonal fruits, nuts and dipping sauce. Fruits will create balance and add colour to your pallet and nuts will enhance its dietary quantities. For bowls too you have options to go eco-friendly as you can use our 'Palm leaf "5 Inch Deep Square Bowls'. It's elegant chic tableware and will smoothly go with the preparation, providing a neat look.

Palm Leaf square bowl

Palm leaf "5 Inch Deep Square Bowls

Share and Care 

Charcuterie platters are an ongoing trend and symbolizes togetherness and harmony. If you are entertaining large groups you can add gluten-free crackers and snacks. You can also customize the cheese choices by keeping your lactose intolerant guests in mind. Adding olives, pickles and other dry fruits will increase the beauty of your pallet. It all depends upon how you anchor your board. You can also prepare a go-to host gift with these Charcuterie platters. For this Charcuterie preparation, our different varieties in sizes of palm leaf platters will help you. You can also use our 'Wooden Disposable Spoon', Knives and Sporks. These are strong and sturdy. Without any splintering, they have a smoother texture and are very convenient for packaging.


Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie Board

With this get-together, we hope you develop a deep bond with your guests and also take a chance to develop a deeper bond with the nature around you. Guess what?. Once you decide to come along and join hands, through its sustainable products KarmicSeed will be more than happy to keep bringing you close to the environment. 

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