How Do We Make Palm Leaf Plates at Karmic Seed

When we planned to develop a small startup business by producing palm leaf plates and were finally sure about our niche, the thing that always remained constant in our minds was our motif. A passionate aim to produce something sustainable. 

This aim of ours got a good push when we started producing Palm Leaf Platters. Initially, what started with plates, and later with the demand we were able to develop full-fledged dinnerware. 


Karmic Seed


So how does this beautiful thing that decorates your party table in all kinds of celebration takes its form? 

Curious? Well, let us tell you how.

Step 1: Let’s Gather { Gathering of Palm Leaves}

The sole raw material to create an entire Palm Leaf Platter is the fallen Areca Palm leaf. First, we start with collecting these fallen leaves from a particular variety of Palm leaf trees which is densely found across the south region part of India. No trees are cut and neither any additional chemical, glue, or adhesive is used in the further making process. 


Karmic Seed, Palm Leaf Plates

The palm Leaves

Note: It is falsely assumed by many people that Palm Leaf Plates produced by cutting down Amazon’s Palm leaf trees. We hope this initial step of production has cleared your worries and doubts. 


Step 2: Time For Clean Up {High-Pressure Washing}

After being picked, it's time for these fallen leaves to freshen up. Springwater at high pressure is used to clean these beautiful palm leaves and later it is dried under the sun to remove the excess water.   


 Palm Leaf Plates, It's Making, Hydraulic machine

Step 3: Shape Up {Heat Pressed} 

Keeping all COVID precautions in check the plates are properly cleaned and dried. After these leaves go through the Hydraulic machine. There they get molded into different shapes and sizes


 Palm Leaf Platters , Heat Pressed


Note: At Karmic Seed we take custom and wholesale orders too.

Step 4: Time For Packaging And Shipping {reaching your table}

Just after being molded into the desired way, these plates go under the keen eyes of workers who inspect every inch of them and reject the plates which do not satisfy the quality standard. Later at the final stage, the product is labeled and packaged carefully to make its way to your dining table. 


Palm Leaf Platters 

You see, that's how our plates are prepared. None of the processes harms the environment in any way. Purely and truly eco-friendly these Palm Leaf Plates and Platters are ready at your service. So do you dare to see the wonders of fallen leaves?

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