Eco Friendly Wedding With Palm Leaf Plates

Celebration and food always go hand in hand and when it is a celebration for the people who are in love, then one of the best things that come in our mind is marriage. With the passing times, we all as humans have come a long way in altering the definition of togetherness. Now when we look at couples and people who are associated with them throughout the process of the wedding, it feels really satisfying to see how we have grown aware about not only the bond that humans have with each or are going to tie with each other but also the bond one has with nature.  

Food being served in Palm Leaf Plates


Time and again we meet with couples and their near ones who aspire to promote a plastic-free wedding for the betterment of the planet and we are more than happy to join hands with such initiatives. So let us introduce you to with some ideas regarding how you can use Palm Leaf Platters in your wedding menu. 

  • First thing first: The initial thing that any guest will notice on their dinner table would be the cutlery presentation. For it's decoration along with fresh flowers, one can use the 9” and 7” palm leaf compostable plate, and you can also put the wooden disposable knife, fork and spoon neatly wrapped around the napkin to complete the table look. 

  • Palm leaf Compostable Plate at Wedding Ceremony

  • Trending with Appetizer: Since the traditional wedding menu starts with appetizers, you can use the 3."5 and 4” Inch Palm Leaf Mini Plates to serve your classic shrimp cocktail, hot artichoke and red pepper dip, and deviled eggs on it.

  • Slaying the Salad: The 8” Inch Palm Leaf Biodegradable Plate is perfect for your green garden salad beautifully made with peppers, celery, tomatoes, carrots and cheddar tossed in a red wine vinaigrette. Or any other leafy or pasta salad. You can totally serve it on this sustainable plate.

  • Palm leaf Plate at Wedding Ceremony

  • Enters the Entrees:  Here comes the main course and the most awaited part of the meal you can serve this smoothly in the 9” Inch Palm Leaf Plate. Take it to be roasted prime rib or grilled chicken Americana, or some more add on to the plate, this plate will be comfortable for the guests. 

  • Complimentary Sides: Your chosen food items to accompany the entrée or the main course of the wedding menu can easily be served on The 7” Inch Palm Leaf eco-friendly plate. Have your creamy whipped potatoes or sunburst vegetable medley on it. 

  • Palm leaf Compostable Plate at Wedding Ceremony

  • The Dutiful Desserts:  So like most weddings, if you are serving the wedding cake as dessert or store-bought desserts with seasonal fresh fruit. You can easily serve it in The 6” Inch Palm Leaf Compostable Plate. 

  • Drinks and beverages: One can use our Natural Wheat Hay Drinking Straw and Coconut Palm Leaf Drinking Straw for the consumptions of the “ l'chaim, to life”. (we mean the drink and beverages). These too are purely eco friendly and doesn't change the taste of your drink.  

  • We hope these eco-friendly disposable plates and disposable wedding cutlery come in handy for you. Together we can perpetually keep our efforts alive for making this world a better place.

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