A Balanced Outdoor Dining Amidst COVID-19 With Palm Leaf Plates

As the world around has started to cope up with COVID-19 and public places begin to reopen after relief in lock-down restrictions, outdoor dining has become the more suitable way for dining in. We have even seen a huge demand for our covid-19 palm leaf plates!

With these changes in our lifestyles, it is now more important for us to become responsible citizens and to take a good look at the safety as well as protection of employees, customers, and communities that concerns us. This will not only help in continuing the social distancing but also will help in reducing the spread of the virus

Certain regulations can be adapted for the smooth operation of Restaurant and Bars: 

  • Space: Making the dining more to outdoor spaces, limiting the seating capacity, customizing the layout of tables and chairs, and keeping the distance of a minimum 6 feet between tables can help a great deal in safe meetings at public places. Trying to avoid large gatherings and discouraging the involvement of crowds in the waiting area is an add on to exercise social distancing. Plus having proper ventilation for the circulation of outdoor air is also an important concern.


  • Work and Workers: If the employees are not feeling well it is better to urge them to stay at home. This will shrink the space of unnecessary risk and the doubt that may get created due to health concerns. Making a proper schedule in the rotation of work shifts and break hours will help in limiting people to work at the same time.


  • EssentialsHaving adequate supplies of soap, hand sanitizers (60% alcohol-based), disinfectant wipes, towels, no contact trash cans, and masks are important agents in supporting healthy hygiene. In places like restaurants where having proper platters is very important, giving emphasis to plastic-free tableware and using disposable wooden plates is another essential step that can be taken as these items will lower the risk of contamination in the workplace.


Wearing mask is essential
  • Sanitation: Cleaning and disinfecting the frequently touched surface, publicly used phones, counter-tops, cash or entry registers, area around public water purifiers is another major step in safety concerns.


  • Using Disposable Items: With the increase in outdoor dining, rather than using ‘single-use plastic products’ it is the best option to lean toward using disposable food serving items, and for this one can switch to single-use disposable palm leaf products. Providing disposable menus: such as menu pamphlets. Creating a virtual menu card is another good way too. Using sustainable utensils and condiments while serving customers and providing individual offers can limit the sharing of items and will also be harmless to the environment. You can use our ‘Karmic Seed Palm Leaf Platters and Palm Leaf Drinking Straws’ for it is designed to meet the needs of COVID disposable plates. One can also easily get access to our palm leaf platters at wholesale prices. Restaurants love our palm leaf platters and palm leaf trays. 


Palm Leaf plates for outdoor dining
  • Employee- Customer Relationship: While receiving a customer, employees can prioritize outdoor seating. Avoiding hand to hand contact, maintaining safe distance can be done between both the parties by making cashless payment. Having, drive-through, delivery, and the takeout option is too a good alternative.


  • Awareness- The last but not the least thing is to be self-aware and to aware others. Bringing attention to people through signs and posters for the promotion of healthy hygiene and healthy communication with vendors and customers is a great step to maintain harmony in these difficult times.  

Since we don’t have a pertinent solution to this obvious pandemic situation, it is better to accept it and grow through the change. Like they say prevention is better than cure. Let us take these measures and allow time to take its time and just like other odd hours, this shall also pass.

For Palm leaf Plates Wholesale orders, you may contact us at info@karmicseed.com

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