The C3 : Consume, Compost and Create

Our best efforts have always been associated with bringing you closer to sustainable products. The entire team of #KarmicSeed have a great love for all our customers who cherish mother earth, love to go eco friendly and are willing to build a better tomorrow for the upcoming generations. Your constant support has always inspired us to work more towards our motif.  

Areca Palm Leaf plates getting manufactured


You see the major reason for using Palm leaves as the base material for our various products has solely been its biodegradable nature. With the increased pace of life where we are heading towards urbanization, saving our environment has become the need of the hour. Our first and foremost concern is to serve you something which can make you master of the Three ‘C’s. 


C1: Consume

The initial and foremost step to maintain our environment is to be careful about our consumption. Consuming the right thing which is less harmful for our surroundings should be the utmost priority. This act will not only promote awareness but also a sense of responsibility. Let us look after some examples. Whenever we are consuming something in huge amounts, we are adding the risk of carbon footprint. The question that arises here is,  how can one reduce it?. The answer is simple: by using sustainable products. Like while having big gatherings we can go as eco-friendly as possible. Instead of using artificial decorating items, we can put the use of fresh flowers and leaves. By trying to have outdoor arrangements instead of having it indoors, this will promote less usage of electric power. Serving more organic food than the processed one will encourage a healthy lifestyle. One can also make changes in their cutleries, for that you can navigate through our product section, we have a variety of dinnerware which are made out of palm leaves. They have no processing, no chemicals, are food safe, microwave safe and easy to use, reuse and eventually decompose.


C2: Compost

After having a warm gathering the most important part comes with cleaning and getting rid of waste materials. What we generally do is to throw everything in the garbage. How good it would be if we tell you that there are still more benefits left to receive from our eco-friendly products. Yes, you read it right. You can still get more out of those Palm leaves you used. As we already mentioned all of our products are 100% natural and compostable. So instead of throwing it in the garbage, you can add it in your compost.

Compost is basically the organic matter which we get from decomposing organic food and plants through the process of composting. This organic matter is used as a natural fertiliser in new growing plants. No matter where you live, with the right process and care making compost, is easy. The first step is to get the right size of the container as per your requirement. Make some holes at the bottom to allow the flow of air and for drainage of water when needed. Then we have to separate our kitchen waste in greens and browns. Basically Browns: are the dry things such as dry leaves, sawdust, twigs, paper napkins, newspapers, and Greens: are food, coffee grounds, garden scraps, shrub prunings, hay, almost anything that can root and doesn’t attract pests. Our Palm leaf products go into brown categories. Try to shred all the kitchen waste into smaller bits. The smaller they are the sooner they break down. Start by putting a 1-inch layer of soil in the bottom of your container. After that proceed with putting multiple layers of kitchen waste at the centre. On top put the garden soil and pre-made compost if available. This will help to speed up the composting process. Make sure to avoid putting meat, dairy, faeces, diseased plants in your container. The equal balance of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and air will help to create good compost. Do remember to keep turning periodically to make space for the air channels. After some months you will observe that our Palm leaf products have finely decomposed along with all the other kitchen waste. 


C3: Create     

There are these small steps that open the way for a better life. When we all hold hands and work towards the conservation of nature we not only spend our valuable time in it but also invest our huge love for this beautiful entity that gave us life: The Earth. So it is all up to us. What we will create today will serve us tomorrow.  

We have received multiple positive feedback from our audience who are shopping responsibly. This has inspired us a lot to continue our journey and motivated us to reach more and more people who dare to dream of a Green future together with us.

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