Art For A Change On Palm Leaf Plates

Art has always remained something that makes us breathe with a different kind of happiness. Little did we know that our palm leaf plates will serve as a canvas for various illustrating artists. Though not getting soaked in water is one of the major qualities of our sustainable plates, still the art made by these artists on palm plates proves this point more effectively. 


Art on Palm Leaf Plates
The Colorful Streaks of Imagination and culture by  LaShonda Cooks 


Exploring the root of black hair culture the artist, LaShonda Cooks (whom you can find as shondasart on IG) reflects her vision in the African American Museum of Fair Park. Along with seven other artists, the major highlights of the event was to celebrate the “myths, magic, and methods'' of Black hair and its cultural significance.” “It’s a celebration of beauty, as well as an ode to the hard work, long hours, and physical pain that Black women and men face to take care of their locks.” Cook had presented a series of miniature portraits done on palm leaf plates. Her paintings are based on photos she took of those beauticians, friends, and women whose hair she liked. We really loved her creations made on the reusable palm plates


Biodegradable Palm Plates and Art on Palm leaf plates
 Paintings of LaShonda Cooks Treasuring History Culture and Identity on Palm Leaf plates 


Though palm leaf plates can be used a few more times after the first use. Make sure after once done with serving food on it, you wash them gently with a mild soapy brush and water. These biodegradable disposable plates have inspired several artists like Shweta Walvekar (whom you can also find as OneOfaKind_by_shveta) to create home decor ideas, especially wall hangings.


Art On Palm Leaf Plates

Beautiful Art On Palm Leaf Plates by OneOfaKind_by_shveta


 People like ‘Mrunmaayee Chandrukar Bakal (whom you can also find as chitramayee in IG)' are also among some of those amazing artists who have beautifully depicted India’s tribal culture and tradition through her art on these palm leaf plates. You can decorate these paintings as a wall hanging and add color to your rooms. 


Art on palm leaf plates
Mrunmaayee Chandrukar Bakal, Presenting Tribal Culture and Tradion Through Art 


You can also create your simple yet fun DIY by taking some of these restaurant palm leaf plates and drawing your imagination over it. In comparison to painting on disposable bamboo plates, painting on palm leaf plates will be a rather less costly and beneficial option.


Art on palm leaf plates

Painting That Anyone One Can Try, teaches by Artist Manoj Kalkar (click the name and check out his YouTube video on it)


This can be a great exercise for small kids too. You can totally indulge them in this creative activity, and after they are done with their paintings on these palm leaf plates, they can hang it on the wall, treehouse, on boards,  or keep it safe as a souvenir. It will be a good change and escape them from this growing world of technology.

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