Disposable Charcuterie Boards and Platters For The Holiday Season Using Palm Leaf

As fall has arrived and it's time to have lots of fun during the upcoming holidays. So what can be done to bring all your favorite people to one table? Well, the very easy answer to that will be offering a disposable charcuterie board. Especially during the holidays it makes for a hassle-free clean up so you can enjoy more time with your family and friends. The modern usage of the term charcuterie can be applied simply to the platter of cured meat and cheese, but with all the creative culinary artists on board, the disposable charcuterie board is much more than its definition.


10 inch Palm Leaf Square Plate

Disposable Charcuterie Platter on Palm Leaf by figandhoneylavishgrazing


How to create your own disposable charcuterie board?

The initial step to create any charcuterie board is to choose all the edible elements you want to put on it. Visualize your desired layout and start with selecting different kinds of cheese for your disposable charcuterie platter. You can take robiola cheese, blue cheese, brie cheese, or the most popular cheddar cheese. It's all up to your personal choice. You can choose what you find visually pleasing and has variety in texture and flavor. Once done with choosing, start to spread the cheese on your board. Make sure your palm leaf board or palm leaf platter is of the right size, which can hold all the edibles. You can use our Palm Leaf Rectangle Tray 14" x 10" InchPalm Leaf Oval Tray 15 x 10 inch,  Palm Leaf Round Plate 12" inch and Palm Leaf Square Plate 10" Inch. These are strong, have plenty of room for the edibles, and are lighter than the traditional wooden boards thus serving as a good alternative in place of them.


15*10 inch. Palm Leaf Oval Tray

Charcuterie on 15 x 10" inch Palm Leaf Oval Disposable Charcuterie Platter by foodandboardnola


The Charcuterie Meats:

After cheese, it's time to place the meat. Select the meat-based on different flavor profiles, large, smaller, spicy. Again keep the variety, taste, and texture in mind and decorate accordingly. Meats like prosciutto which are larger cured meats can be spread and made as a ribbon, circular salami can be put flat and overlapped on each other, one can create small borders out of it. Another way to stylize the meat is by folding them like a deck of cards or like flowers. 


14*10 inch. Palm Leaf Rectangle Tray 

Charcuterie on 14 x 10" inch Disposable Palm Leaf Rectangle Platter by cutiecharcuteriegirls


Accouterments and finishing touches on palm leaf boards: 

Now it's time for the accouterments: little things that pair well with your cheese and meat. The easiest way to decorate these is by laying fresh fruit then dry fruits and later followed by nuts, cover every inch of your disposable charcuterie platter. Use seasonal fruits, it will create balance, add color, and will be perfect for your vegan guests. Dry fruits such as figs, dates, apricots, tart cherries, and golden nuts will add to the richness of your board. You can add some roasted nuts like roasted pecans, roasted salted almonds, and roasted salted pistachios for more fun.


12’ inch. Palm Leaf Round Plate

Charcuterie on 12" inch Palm Leaf Round Disposable Charcuterie Board by  thoughtfullycuratedboards


Add some gluten-free crackers, baguette, cranberry hazelnut crisp, nuts, keto, or chicharrones chips. Put condiments such as various flavors of jams and honey. You can put them in our Karmic Seed Palm Leaf Deep Square 5” inch Bowls. Be careful to not put rolly things like olives and nuts at the edge of the boards otherwise, there will be a chance of them falling at the time of transferring your board to the main party area. Do the final touches and garnish by adding your favorite herbs, flowering rosemary, thyme, wild camomile, or any other edible flowers. Just make sure what you put is edible and safe.


Mini charcuteries on Palm Leaf Plates

Mini Disposable Charcuterie Board on 4" Palm Leaf Plates by dreamboardsco


Anchor your finished disposable charcuterie platter the way you desire and impress your guests with your presenting skill. We hope you stay safe, make beautiful Charcuterie on Palm Leaf Platters, and tag us just like our creative customers have tagged us in their pictures shown above.   

For Palm Leaf Plates Wholesale orders, you may contact us at info@karmicseed.com

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