Leading A Sustainable Lifestyle From Home to Hotels

The world is full of people who love to travel, but how good it would be if we can enjoy a guilt-free stay knowing that our trip is promoting sustainable living and sustainable hotels. Many of us are aware of the environment around and through our actions like planting trees, using renewable energy, recycling, conserving water, driving green by being less dependent on our cars, using wooden disposable plates instead of plastic, we are trying to promote a healthy eco-friendly living. 


palm leaf pages

Beautiful Set Palm Leaf Cutlery in a Hotel


Though the good news is that it's not only us who are working together toward sustainable lifestyles but hotels around are doing it too. Rather than having a star rating, now  “being green” is a major concern. Hotels like, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge at Brooklyn New York have built its entire foundation in sustainable design. Their rooms are designed with reclaimed wood, living green plants, eco-friendly toiletries, organic sheets, even the room keys are made of recyclable material. 


1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge at Brooklyn New York

  1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge At Brooklyn New York 


Tera Jackson Hole at Jackson Hole, Wyoming is 100%organic. This LEED gold-certified hotel uses recycled steel to aluminum water bottles, reduce water wastage by employing water-saving systems such as low-flow fixtures, dual-flush toilets, and native landscaping that requires no irrigation. 


Tera Jackson Hole at Jackson Hole

 Tera Jackson Hole Hotel At Jackson Hole


Cavallo Point Lodge is located near Golden Gate Bridge. With their LEED Gold certification, they focus on environmental and social efforts on restoration, stewardship, and preservation. Being their guest one will be able to enjoy windows with natural cooling, sensors, and timers for energy-efficient fixtures and appliances, and minimal use of disposable items


Cavallo Point Lodge

Cavallo Point Lodge Near Golden Gate Bridge


King Christian Hotel of the US Virgin Islands is a small cozy hotel located on St. Croix. It sits directly on the Christiansted waterfront and the Christiansted National Historic Site. Along with duty-free shopping, sea sight, scuba diving, and historic sites around the area. They also provide sustainable food services at the hotel. You can enjoy a variety of seafood and drinks. Keeping their concerns toward the environment, instead of using plastic straws they use coconut straws while serving drinks. 


Coconut Palm Leaf Straw

Bamboo Palm Leaf Straw


Since food is an essential part of any journey, hotels have the power to make it the most memorable experience for their guests. They can use palm leaf platters to increase the experience of sustainable dining. In the crucial time of COVID, these biodegradable plates are the handiest thing hotels can prefer.


Palm Leaf Plates

A Palm Leaf Plate With Palm Leaf Spoon, Fork and Knife


Palm leaf plates have beautiful unique designs, are waterproof, leak-proof, are strong, and are of low cost in comparison to other disposable wooden plates. The use of this sustainable tableware will add more quality to the traveling experience of the guests who lead an eco-friendly lifestyle and are environmentally conscious because sustainable living is not a hobby rather it's a responsible habit.

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