Zero Waste Hierarchy And How It Will Help You Shop Better

In an environmentally conscious world “ZERO WASTE” has become less of a scientific concept and more of a lifestyle choice. However, for someone just starting out, this lifestyle can seem a bit overwhelming at first. The zero-waste hierarchy is a great tool that serves as a guide when making conscious purchasing decisions. Keeping this zero waste hierarchy in mind will help you feel more at ease when shopping.

These are the five levels in the Zero Waste Hierarchy in the order of most preferred to least preferred


We believe that the golden question to ask is ‘Do I really need this?’.

We live in a materialistic and trend-driven world, which leads to a very toxic and cluttered environment. What one might describe as ‘hoarding’, spells doom for Mother Earth. Just imagine the amount of waste a single person throws out when they do the routine spring cleaning! Now multiply that by billions. Scary, isn’t it? As consumers, we need to make smarter choices and invest our money in the ‘needs’ and not the ‘wants’. If there is a green alternative to the product you desire, go for it. The more conscious we are of the decisions we make, the more time companies and organizations will dedicate towards preparing products for their environmentally aware consumers. 

Reduce waste recycle reuse waste


If there was one common thing that was taught to all kids by their elders,

it was this- don’t waste anything. Empty boxes found a new life as a storage container. Old newspapers were used to line steel containers. Water that couldn’t be consumed, served as an extra bit of elixir for the plants. Peels of fruits were buried deep into the earth to be used as fertilizer.  Did you know that our Areca plates and bowls are made from fallen leaves of the Areca palm tree?  


Wouldn’t you love the ability to give a second life to something that has reached or exceeded its shelf life?

Karmic Seed is all about second chances. What looks like a waste to someone else, is our building block to something beautiful. All of our products have been upcycled and turned into items that can be used daily.  


This concept is not that popular but is practised by few.

For example, in rural areas of India, cow dung is used to produce biogas. The gas produced is said to be rich in methane. Did you know that coconut shells, when burnt in a limited amount of air can be used to make activated carbon? Being 100 percent natural, it is completely safe. It is used in the manufacture of medicines and as food supplements.  


This is the last option when no other option remains in the zero waste hierarchy.

Landfill usually affects the groundwater quality which is why it is least preferred. Aiming at However, our products, being all-natural, wouldn’t pose a threat. In fact, if used correctly they can help improve the soil quality!   At Karmic Seed we are constantly striving to go up the hierarchy and help the environment in small ways. This is the reason why we thank our customers for shopping responsibly!

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