What we talk about when we talk about coexistence.

It's been some years since we started working on our initiative to produce sustainable products and promote more toward peaceful coexistence. Little did we know then how easy it is to touch lives and connect with the natural environment. You see in today's world where we are so much driven by our respective hectic lives and now in the time of COVID-19, it's the need of the hour for us to appreciate what we always had. There are various little steps you can take to remain closer to nature: the nurturer.

Palm Leaf plates in preparation in India

Start and Proceed

While you wake up in the morning instead of staying on your bed, checking notifications and scrolling through a bundle of feeds, go to your window and breathe the morning air. The very next thing one can do is to hydrate themselves and then a little workout followed by healthy meals. You can use our 'Handmade coconut bowls' and 'Wooden Coconut Spoon' while having your meals. They are purely sustainable products and are easy to go for everyday use. 

Wooden Coconut Spoon

Cleaning is Calming 

The most effective way to reboot your mind and get away from tensions and pressure for a while is to clean. Hard to believe? then give it a try. The cleaner your surroundings is, the calmer you'll feel. Take a little break from your work and try to organize your things, it can be your work desk, bookshelf, your cupboard anything that looks messy to your frustrated eyes. Then put your frustration and anxiety on the cleaning, and once you are done you'll feel different from inside. It's a kind of meditation.

One can practice it on a daily basis too and can also get closer to nature. After your meals when you decide to clean up, do you go back to your plastic scrubber and dishwashers to clean?. Well here's an alternative. You can use our ' Dishwashing Solid Soap' which is available in both scented and non-scented form and 'Coconut Coir Utensil Scrub' which is made of coconut fibre and properly stitched with cotton thread. It's biodegradable and easy to use.

Coconut Coir Utensil Scrub

Let's Live and Let Live 

In this crucial time of COVID-19, it is important for all of us to learn the value of coexistence. We have to walk hand in hand with nature, saving our environment and using its resources judiciously.

Here through Karmic Seed, we are doing our little part by producing palm leaf bamboo-like plates from Areca trees and also by making other sustainable products. Areca palm leaf plates are very handy and are easy to use in dinnerware, kitchenware and most importantly at parties. They are easy to transport as well as being hygienic. Just like our unique fingerprints these plates also have their unique pattern and style.

Palm leaf plates bamboo leaf plates

Along with the traditional circle shape plates, these plates are also available in square, heart, fish and bear shape which will be a delight for children. Our eco-friendly products are collective efforts of farmers, craftsmen and artisans from India. With the purchase of these products, you will not only have your contribution toward the environment but also to the hardworking rural workforce of India. 

Palm leaf plates of different shapes(heart round rectangle)

This is our small step to create an eco chain between our suppliers and our customers and a try to inspire the world toward a less plastic contaminated zone A.K.A  #noharmfulplastic zone. Care to stretch a hand?

For Palm leaf Plates Wholesale orders, you may contact us at info@karmicseed.com

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