Various Types Of Disposable Plates You Can Switch To, Leaving Plastic Plates Behind 

We, humans, are social animals who love to meet and share love, but while doing so, it is important to keep in mind that this fun part of our life should not disturb our environment. In social gatherings where the best thing is food (of course after our dear ones), it is really important to choose the right type of serving platter. 


Disposable Palm Leaf Plates


Instead of using plastic or paper which are no doubt harmful to our surroundings we can switch to disposable tableware. Something natural, biodegradable, and chemical-free, which won’t lead to any contamination neither in our food nor to our earth. 

Here is the suggested list of some Eco-Friendly Disposable Plates that one can choose to use:


  • Disposable Bamboo Plates:

    As we know bamboos are the fastest-growing plants. In comparison to other plants, its vegetation quickly renews itself in a few months from the time it has cut off and used for the manual purpose. This fact itself proves how better bamboo plates are from paper plates, as thousands of trees are chopped off to make paper plates. Bamboo plates are strong and durable and can easily contain large amounts of food. 


Disposable Bamboo Plates


The making process of the disposable bamboo plates involves cleaning the bamboo sheath, boiling, pressing, and bonding them together by using eco-friendly glue. These plates are supremely eco-friendly and can easily hold both liquid and solid food items. Though in comparison to other biodegradable and disposable plates bamboo plates are higher in cost and are worth as an alternative to plastic plates. 


  • Palm Leaf Plates:

      Areca Palm Leaf plates are very handy and easy and use to in dinnerware, kitchenware, and most importantly at parties. They are 100% natural and compostable. Just like our unique fingerprints these palm leaf plates have their unique pattern and style.


Palm Leaf Platters


Palm leaf plates are beautiful textured and are handmade. The fallen palm leaves are individually collected from the Areca Palm tree. They go under hydro pressure cleaning, after that these are heat pressed by a mold and then trimmed on the edges. These products are produced in various sizes and are also available in different shapes.


Palm Leaf Disposable Platter


Moreover, Palm Leaf Platters are disposable, microwave and freezer safe [can be used safely in the microwave for up to 2 mins, and in Oven, one can use them up to 350 degrees for 35-40 min], they are lightweight but are strong, have both hot and cold resistance, they are suitable for hard and liquid food and are very hygienic and odorless. These plates don’t change the taste of the food on the plate neither has any plastic or wax lining. 


Palm Leaf Platters and Disposable Tableware


Since it's 100% biodegradable it can be used as both cow fodder and to make compost. So Instead of throwing it in the garbage, you can add it to your compost and they will naturally biodegrade in fewer than 2 months of disposal. One can use them freely along with other wooden disposable plates. Also, you can navigate through our product section. Here at Karmic Seed, we have a variety of dinnerware that is made out of palm leaf and to add a cherry on the cake, we do customized orders too. 


  • Bagasse Plates/ Sugarcane Plates:

    After the sugarcane juice is fully processed from sugarcane plants, the fiber for these plates is taken from bagasse. These are one of the most sustainable, easily decomposable, biodegradable, and disposable plates. It is stronger than the paper plates but is not strong enough to carry a large amount of food which makes it a little less strong than palm leaf plates. Sugarcane plates are perfect for small gatherings and for intimate parties with family and friends. It is perfect to serve finger dishes and deserts. You can microwave it up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.     


Sugarcane Disposable Plates


  • Biodegradable Polypropylene:

    These are environment-friendly plastic disposable plates that contain special additives that allow these plates to break down faster than plastic. On average, they take 2-5 years to decompose, which is much later than all the different types of compostable plates we mentioned above. 

Biodegradable Polypropylene

Switching to biodegradable tableware instead of non-biodegradable tableware will be your add on gift to nature. With a shift in choosing eco-friendly tableware, we all together will be able to serve compost for growing plants and will reduce the chances to create landfills. Our manual effort will help for a better and green future which is not what we want right now but rather what we need now.   

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