Plastic Free Childhood: Help Our Kids Go Back To Their Roots

Plastic here, plastic there, plastic everywhere. Unfortunately, our generation has grown up around all this plastic waste material. It's gotten so bad that we have even coined a term for it "Plastic Pollution." A question that we ask ourselves at Karmic Seed is "Do we want to leave our children and future generation in a better world than we have grown up in?"  

We have talked about the zero waste lifestyle before. Now, let's talk about the main driving force as to why we should opt for this lifestyle. From the time of its invention, plastic revolutionized science and innovation. This reusable and affordable commodity soon became a part of every household. From our washrooms to our kitchens we own a scary amount. led to the large-scale turnover of plastic waste, which kept accumulating as the years went by. Today the term given to this phenomena is "Plastic Pollution".  It has ruined our natural resources, choked our animals, and has made waste disposal a huge problem.

Why must kids be environmentally conscious?

Plastic free palm leaf plates

Plastic Free Palm Leaf Plates

Plastic pollution isn't just a problem for adults. Our children need to realize themselves, what's right. One way to do that is by promoting good role models. Make them read inspiring stories of people who do their bit for the environment. An environmental superhero, if you will. Bea Johnson is one among the leading curators of the zero waste movement. She has even talked about helping her kids adjust to a zero waste lifestyle, here. When kids read about other kids following a seemingly tough lifestyle, the transition becomes easy and fun! Karmic Seed constantly promotes the good Samaritans of the environment or seed-changers as we like to call them. Watch our space for more!

Plastic free palm leaf plates bamboo leaf plates

Plastic-free bamboo leaf plates

What goes around, grows around.

As kids, we were accustomed to seeing plastic bottles or bags collected in heaps around us. As we grew up, we thought this was normal and never questioned the impact of hoarding so much! We have the resources now to make much better choices. Instead of plastic bowls, you could opt for a coconut bowl. Instead of a plastic plate, go for an areca plate. They are made out of agricultural waste and serve the same purpose, but with practically zero harm to the environment. When your child watches you make these conscious decisions, they become more aware of what they buy or use. They stop viewing synthetic items as an option, helping your household moves one step closer to being environmentally friendly.

Incorporate zero waste activities with your kids

A great way to help kids adjust to a trash-free life is by making it fun with some zero waste activities! Here are a few you could do try with your kids Garden Party To minimize future trash, it is important to make sure the existing trash finds a purpose. Ask your kids to collect all sorts of existing plastic containers in the house and go shopping to the local market for some seeds of their choice. Help them collect soil in the containers and plant those seeds. This could be a fun way to help them start their own garden and care for it. It helps make your house greener and you also find a way to re-use the plastic instead of throwing it out. It hit two nails on the head!  

palm leaf plate getting ready

Palm leaf plate getting the final touch

Zero-waste picnics (the before and after picture) Picnics and family outings are important. It is also important to involve your kids in the process of packing food for the picnic so they realize the need to go for alternative packaging. Instead of plastic packaging, pack your liquids in glass containers. You could also use steel tiffin’s to carry solid food. As far as cutlery goes, opt for something earth-friendly like areca plates. Now before the picnic begins, take a picture of the spot you’re going to be eating at. After the picnic is done and you all are done cleaning up, take a picture of the same spot again. Tell your kids that each time they go somewhere they have to leave the place clean enough to not have any differences in the before and after pictures. This is a fun game and a good incentive to be environmentally conscious! Ice-cream trips minus the trash This is a fun tip we picked up from Bea Johnson.

Zero-waste lifestyle doesn’t have to mean, cutting down on simple joys of life. Instead of using the plastic cups at the ice-cream store, make your kids carry their own glass jars and spoons. It is a simple thing like this that will make them realize that they can enjoy their life while caring for mother earth.

Cooking up some fun Involve your kids in cooking simple food so they can learn to make use of agro-waste as well. Kitchens tend to produce a lot of waste too, and its important for them to make use of it. Remember the garden idea? Ask them to use, for example, coffee grounds and add it into the soil for their garden. If you have a huge yard, you could even introduce them to composting. Theoretical knowledge can be boring but practical application is always the best way for kids to learn.

Zero-waste birthdays Birthday parties are an integral part of any childhood. It might be a bit hard to apply this one in real life, but in the long run, it is completely worth it. When hosting a birthday party for your child, make them understand the need to have gifts that are reusable or sustainable in the long run. For example, toys are something that is always made of plastic and kids eventually outgrow them. But something like, books or an e-ticket to their favourite movie doesn’t add to the trash problem and stay with them for life. Requesting zero-waste gifts is a huge step in the personal development of your child.

A green childhood is a happy childhood.

At a young age, if we teach our kids to care for the environment this leads to a prosperous future and a sustainable one. Our decisions today, impact the decisions our kids will have to make for themselves. Let them grow with more than just textbook knowledge about the environment. Teach them to apply it in real life. We want to leave a better world for our kids and for that, we need to start teaching them ways to make one.

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