Halloween Charcuterie With Palm Leaf Platters

“When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, it’s near Halloween.”

How exciting the above thought feels? Isn’t it?. Finally, Halloween is here and it's going to be a lot about friends and family gatherings. Well, Charcuterie is the best way to bring all your guests to one table and, on this Halloween, you can try and prepare a spooky charcuterie to bring all your loved ones together. 


Halloween Charcuterie on Palm Leaf Platters

Halloween Charcuterie by chiccharcuteriefl 


Here are some ways you can try:

  • Select Your Base : Choose the size of your charcuterie’s base based on the number of people you are having over. You can create a big size charcuterie or a mini charcuterie. It’s all up to you. Like for mini charcuterie you can cypress grove goat cheese shaped into mummy head, with candy eyeballs added and then the same goat cheese piped onto the head to look like stripes of fabric. Just like our customer Grazin'-Tables and Boards (@ grazintablesandboards) have done it. 



Halloween Charcuterie on Palm leaf Platter

A mini Charcuterie by very creative grazintablesandboards


You can also prepare your big Charcuterie on our 14*10 inch. Palm Leaf Rectangle Tray, 15*10 inch. Palm Leaf Oval Tray, 12’ inch. Palm Leaf Round Plate and on Palm Leaf Square Plate

  • Let’s Play With Colour: It’s time to select the Halloween colours. Some very basic and popular colours are black, blue, orange, purple and everyone's favorite “red”. Choose your fodder items by keeping these colours in mind. 


Halloween Charcuterie on Palm Leaf Platter
This creative Charcuterie by saratogagrazingco

  •  Time For Placement: The very interesting way to give your board a scary look is by keeping some part of the skeleton on it. Trust us, it does give a Gothic touch. After this start filling your board with the cheeses. It can be brie cheese, garlic herb cheese, or some spreadable cube cheese. Something fun for kids. 


Now put the pieces of meat inside the ribs of the skeleton and near it. Proceed further with putting your choice of salami. It can be peppered salami, Italian dry salami, or calabrese salami. You can add some pepperonis too. 


Halloween Charcuterie on Palm Leaf Plate

A Cool Halloween Charcuterie by groovy_charcuterie


Stuff your platter with more edibles like candy, blueberries, blackberries, black figs, black olives. You can add green olives too as it will give a pop outlook.  


Halloween Charcuterie on Palm Leaf Platter

The Colorful Charcuterie Board by semihomemademomma


The seasonal Halloween snacks, like those breadsticks that look like bones or tortilla chips, crackers and pretzel sticks will also look good.


Halloween Charcuterie

Halloween Charcuterie by dreamboardsco


Create pumpkin and ghost-shaped cheese slices by using cookie cutters. With white chocolate, you can create some candy eyes and can add some pimento peppers stuffed with feta as they look like fingers. Also, small crumbs of red velvet cake give a more bloody look. 


  • Dipping Time: Prepare some sauce that looks like blood. Add some sticky drippings for your Palm leaf Charcuterie Board. Spread it over some of your crackers to give a bloody texture. Have a doping container just beside your charcuterie or on your charcuterie board. You can put there our Karmic Seed’s, Palm Leaf Deep Square 5” inch small dipping bowls.  


Halloween Charcuterie on Palm Leaf Round Tray
The Gothic Halloween Charcuterie by chiccharcuteriefl 
  • After all, to create a more dark mood you can place some stems randomly around the board. It will give a creepy feel to your board and, after all this, your Halloween charcuterie on palm leaf platter is ready to be enjoyed.   

Halloween dishes on palm leaf platters will help you to celebrate this festival in an eco-friendly way. Let’s have fun in a better and responsible way. 

Happy Halloween Everyone 

For Palm Leaf Plates Wholesale orders, you may contact us at info@karmicseed.com

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