Coconut Leaf Straws - A quick overview

The symbol of relaxation Coconut Palm Trees are the most famous and well known palms. They are primarily famous for their multi functional nature. Take it to be husk bags, gunny sack, brooms for our house or even toothpicks. One can go on counting about the various uses of these coconut leaves and with our “Coconut Leaf Straws” we would love to add some more to the list. 


Compostable Drinking Straws


Annually bulk of coconut leaves are burned and are thrown away due to the lack of disposing facilities. Through collaboration with some innovative minds of India we came up with this Eco-friendly initiative. Our compostable leaf straws are 100% organic, biodegradable and single-use drinking straws made out of dried leaves that have fallen to the ground naturally. These leaves sometimes cause harm to the environment in a less apparent way – they are often burnt, sending polluting fumes into the air. Instead, here at Karmic Seed we try to put them in good use. 


Compostable Coconut Straws


These compostable coconut straws go under three different processes of cleaning, later followed by scraping and then rolling. No artificial wax or coating is used in the process as each straw has its natural inbuilt wax. This inbuilt wax makes it anti fungal and water repellent. Finally a food grade adhesive for glue is used which also makes it a total chemical free.


Compostable Drinking Straw Karmic seed


At Karmic Seeds these plant based straws are available in two different sizes: 20 cm length with 5 mm diameter (2x5) straws for regular drinks and 20 cm length and 8 mm diameter (2x8) straws for smoothies. Along with the six month of shelf life these straws can be used for both hot and cold beverages. It can be immersed in liquid for hours, and it doesn’t get soggy or leak glue or add any extra color to your drink. These Leaf straws are no doubt strong as well as a great alternative for paper and plastic straws.


Leaf Straws


On an average 500 million plastic straws are used in the US. To do the math that would be about 182.5 billion straws annually, and this leads us to 73,000 metrics tons of plastic straws per year. This plastic waste remains floating in the ocean or is swallowed by the sea animals disturbing the biosphere. Where we are being more inclined to use plastic straws a switch to sustainable lifestyle has become the need of the hour. Along with fighting for climate change, a change in ourselves is deeply required. So let us join hands towards the green innovation and simple yet beautiful life.

Author: Sonalin Swain

Plastic Straw Waste

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